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Musicians on this Album:

David James Hoffman/USA-lead vocals,acoustic & electric guitars
Fabio Maglione/Italy-drums
Papy Tall/Senegal-bass,backing vocals
Andrea Carachinni/Italy-lead guitar
Ismaila Mbaye/Senegal-djembe,talking drum
Francesca Ciocca/Italy-congas,shakers,tamborine
Omar Valle/Cuba-trumpet,fugelhorn
Mario Pompei/Italy-tenor sax

Bixas Liberatore/Congo-vocals
Mustapha Mbengue/Senegal-vocals
Mass N'diaye/Senegal-djembe & sabar
Valerio Bartoli/Italy-bass
Jane Kumada/Japan,Italy-backing vocals
Francesco Chiappini/Italy-bongos

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all songs composed by David James Hoffman except lyrics in Lingala-Bixas liberatore & Elo Ememe,Wolof-Mustapha Embengue, Italian-Skuniz and Portuguse-Diamante
Song arrangements by David James Hoffman and YAMPAPAYA tribe
Horn arrangements by Omar L Valle, David James Hoffman
Recorded and mixed at Yampapaya's studio in castelli romani,Italy
Recording engineering by David James Hoffman
Mixdowns by David James Hoffman and Giancarlo Gravi
Pre mastered by Emilliano Esposti and David James Hoffman Produced by David James Hoffman

copyright@davidjameshoffman all rights reserved