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Singer - Song writer - Guitarist

American singer songwriter David james Hoffman believes that music is truly an international language with no frontiers and it is this philosophy that is at the heart of his style of music and his live performances.
Born in Tokyo Japan David has lived in Hawaii, Micronesia, California, Colorado, Hong kong, Beijing, Austria and Italy. His multi ethnic band YAMPAPAYA TRIBE has toured in three continents playing styles including African music, Rock, Reggae, funk and Acoustic folk with Hawaiian influences reflecting David's life experience around the globe.
Over the years David's style has been influenced by music and rhythms from the African continent in particular the Congo mixed with rock, rhythm and blues that are a large part of David's American musical culture. David has also worked with many musicians from around the world expanding the band's world music quality.
The music and live shows are upbeat. Dancing rhythmic melodic with tribal percussion getting people on their feet and dancing to a music you cant sit still to. READ MORE

David is active with live shows around Europe and Asia with the Yampapaya tribe and continuing the creative flow with groups like CONGOFORNIA and ALOHA DREAMS.

New Album 2014

David James Hoffman and Yampapaya tribe

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