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David James Hoffman and Yampapaya tribe new album "MIGRATION HIGHWAY"

A musical adventure with honored guests Natty Fred, Peace Diouf, Angelo Blue, Bixas Liberatore, Toto Albert, Stefano Onorati and John Maidas.

Album art by VINCA


David James Hoffman and Yampapaya tribe

musicians on this album:
David james Hoffman -lead vocals, acoustic & electric guitars
Papy Tall -bass
Frank Ranieri- bass, fretless bass, upright bass with bow
Andrea Caracchini -lead guitar
Fabio Maglione -drums
Francesca Ciocca -congas, electric guitar, ukulele, small percussions
Michele Martino -congas, bongos, darbuka, small percussions
Ismaila Mbaye -djembe, talking drum, small percussions
Francesca Sichel -backing vocals

special guests.......
Natty Fred-vocals
Peace Diouf -acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Bixas Liberatore-vocals
Angelo Blue-harmonica
John Maidas -violin
Stefano Onorati - keyboards, synth, moog Toto -vocals




all songs composed by David James Hoffman
copyright@davidjameshoffman all rights reserved